I met SPF13 last year – remembered having a good chat with him and when I was thinking about my blog, I considered various options:

Then I remembered Hugo.

It’s been a very long time since I created a blog – I’ve owned for a very long time, but that’s hosted w/o https certificates, and is a pain to move, due to locked DNS entries, so I thought I’d try hosting on Github pages. (ed note later moved to firebase hosting)

Anyway, Steve (SPF13), wrote Hugo in Go which sounds a lot more efficient than Jekyll’s use of Ruby. (Never a fan of scripting languages).

So far, I’m quite happy with it, I’m about a 30 minute user. At this point, I’ve found that many of the available templates don’t work right out of the box, w/ the exception of the list below. (I tried them all)


  1. When there is no theme, it still hangs in server mode.
  2. Changes to config.toml don’t get pickedup durring –watch

My Preferred Themes

  • lanyon – Black & White – really good looking & behaving.
  • journal – delightful = lots of red – some tweaks needed. (I chose this one!)
  • hugoscroll – delightful big colors – needs customization

Other Themes

  • greyshade – good (modify the about)
  • heather-hugo – good
  • hyde – good
  • herring-cove – good (near empty home page)
  • html5 – good – very sparce home page – no basic width
  • hugo-base-theme - good - needs mods – huge picture
  • hugo-bootswatch - Very nice
  • hugo-incorporated – Really like – missing About, has XML
  • landing-page-hugo – really nice looking, not for me.
  • liquorice – nice bw theme – missing about
  • nofancy – simple nice.
  • pixyll – Nice - big & bold - bw
  • shiori – very professional – missing about
  • simple-a - nice – very sparse
  • slim - weird UX
  • tachyons – nice, but full screen – awkward for blogs.
  • tinyce – minimal, missing about - Missing para breaks
  • twentyfourteen – lots of search boxes – very long lines

Now I’m about 2 hours into it. Still happy – but disappointed at the Theme quality.

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Les Vogel
Les Vogel works as a Staff Engineer in developer relations for Google Cloud.
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