Once more into the breach dear friends - King Henry (Henry V)

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So, I tried to setup a blog 5 years ago, didn't follow through. Let's try again.

Once again, I'm using Hugo, a static site generator. This time I've chosen to go with the Binario theme. I reviewed lots of Hugo themes many cool ones, but I liked the default styling of Binario.

I realized that I've spent the last year creating a website based on GKE / Knative / Istio, GKE Sandbox (gVisor) and created runtimes in seven languages without writing, so I'm going to try and rectify that by writing about my journey.

I'm always asking myself the same questions many of you ask, hopefully, I can provide either a bit of clarity, or at least save you some time by cutting off paths you might not wish to travel.

I've also tried to recover posts from past blogging efforts, found that somehow my blog on Blogger is no more. :( (very disappointed face). Hopefully I'll find a bit more.

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Les Vogel
Les Vogel works as a Staff Engineer in developer relations for Google Cloud.
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