Once more into the breach dear friends - King Henry (Henry V)

So, I tried to setup a blog 5 years ago, didn't follow through. Let's try again. Once again, I'm using Hugo, a static site generator. This time I've chosen to go with the Binario theme. I reviewed lots of Hugo themes many cool ones, but I liked the default styling of Binario. I realized that I've spent the last year creating a website based on GKE / Knative / Istio, GKE Sandbox (gVisor) and created runtimes in seven languages without writing, so I'm going to try and rectify that by writing about my journey.


I met SPF13 last year – remembered having a good chat with him and when I was thinking about my blog, I considered various options: Jekyll blogger Then I remembered Hugo. It's been a very long time since I created a blog – I've owned for a very long time, but that's hosted w/o https certificates, and is a pain to move, due to locked DNS entries, so I thought I'd try hosting on Github pages.


Everything has a beginning, weather we know it or not. And this is my blog's beginning. I hope to write about things I work with, what I learn, what I get wrong, and more. My current interests include Authentication, Authorization, Big Data, Data Science, Security, Internet of Things, the Brain Project, the intersection of Neurology and computers, politics - which I won't write about while I'm at Google, sustainability, and much more.